Top 5 tape measures/ measuring tapes available on the market

There are so many different tape measures that you can buy. How do you know which one is right for you?

Here is a rundown of the top 10 tape measures money can buy.

5. Stanley Tylon Tape 3M/10FT 


4. Fisco TMC3ME Chrome Tri-Matic Tape 3m/10ft


3. Fisco UM3ME Unimatic II Tape 3m/10ft


2. Fisco TMC3ME Chrome Tri-Matic Tape 3m/10ft


1. Stanley Closed Case Fibreglass 30m / 100ft


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A brief history of the tape measure

  • The tape measure dates back to the Roman times and they are said to have been made from marked strips of leather, this is around the same time that the metric system first came about.
  • James Chesterman patented the spring measuring tape in Sheffield in 1829
  • In 1868 Alvin J Fellows of Connecticut, improved the design then patented it as a long spring-click tape measure. It looked like this…


  • Dressmakers used loops of flat wire to hold the shape of the crinoline hoop skirts then in fashion
  • In 1956, a 600 foot tape measure was made that was 600 feet (180 m) long
  • Some tapes sold in the United States have additional marks in the shape of small black diamonds, which appear every 19.2 inches (49 cm). These are known as “lizard piss” markings
  • From its humble beginnings the tape measure has continued to evolve with different types of measure and brands of tape measure
  • Tape measures can now be digital, also known as laser measures… like this…


  • Tape measures are available from DIY shops or specialist stores such as The Tape Store